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Dirt Road Real Estate is a full-service residential and rural property specialist agency working in Northwestern Arizona. We are your one-stop-shop for rural ranches, vacant land, and development. In addition to this, we are also here to help with your in-town and residential needs as well. 

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Kingman, Chloride, Hualapai, Valentine, Golden Valley, Dolan Springs, Hackberry, Oatman, Fort Mohave, Meadview, Willow Beach, Yucca, Mohave Valley, Temple Bar Marina, Peach Springs, Topock, Wikieup, Seligman, Bagdad, Littlefield, Ash Fork, Paulden, Skull Valley, Kirkland, Chino Valley

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Mom, daughter, wife, cowgirl, electrician’s helper, construction manager, development manager, rookie vet tech,  my most beloved position MeeMaw, and of course Realtor! One of the founders of Dirt Road Real Estate, I wear many hats!

I did not set out to “become” a rural land specialist… I realized that I AM a Rural Land Specialist, and then I BECAME a Realtor and eventually a Broker! So I already understand the costs and hurdles of changing a rural piece of land into a homestead, a farm or an escape property. AND I think everyone should live like I do – so I’m the right person to talk to about rural property adventures.

I prefer to work East of Kingman, West of Ashfork, and North of WIkieup – BUT for some, I’ll go to the fringes of the DRRE preferred areas.

When someone tells you that “it cannot be done” (in regards to rural properties or financing for off-grid) I am who you should be talking to – I can get-r-dun!

Giant Cranium is Elise’s husband, usually behind the scenes and available for everything Dirt Road Real Estate related. Developer, General Contractor, Master Electrician, and head of his own construction and development company, Sean brings a lot to the party.

After years of experience in real estate in New Jersey, Sean became licensed in AZ to assist Elise in her overwhelming work load and he enjoys the ability to pick and choose which clients he assists. Sean brings many years of Real Estate and Construction experience to the team and he can be counted on to step in as the expert in many areas of expertise.


Sean Harron


Cheryl Robertson

I’ve lived in many communities, both rural and urban, and different states. When our kids were younger, we started looking for a place for our family to ‘play’ that wasn’t so full of people as the congested parks and camping areas that were available to us. In 2013, we bought 45 acres in the rural mountains of Mohave County to hike, shoot, and camp on—truly one of the definitions of ‘quiet enjoyment’ of our property (okay, mostly quiet…). That property started a love affair with a new countryside, county, and lifestyle, and a place for us to put down roots, and now Kingman is home.

I became a realtor to help other people find their quiet enjoyment—whatever that is for them. I look forward to connecting people with what speaks to them, whether it’s the right house, their dream piece of land, or a parcel that allows them to design their future. My recent experience of working with a fantastic contractor to build a stick-built house 40 miles outside of a city center off 4 miles of dirt road and ending up with a beautiful home that has utility company power, septic, and a well has taught me more about that process than any book ever could. I’m a problem-solver at heart, and matching up a client with their ‘right’ property is a wonderful ‘problem’ to solve.

My areas of expertise include east of Kingman, west of Seligman, north of Wikieup, and of course Kingman itself, but I’ve gone almost everywhere in the county as my clients really hone in on what fits their needs. Our little piece of Heaven in northwest Arizona just has so much to offer!

My name is Janay Richardson. I was raised in Las Vegas, NV and and currently live in homes in both Henderson, NV and Golden Valley, AZ. I have a degree in Special Education / Elementary Education. I have 2 children and a husband of 9 years. I am now an Associate Broker for Dirt Road Real Estate and I touch every piece of paper related to DRRE to make sure Elise is free to have conversations and interaction with all our clients and customers. I am the Broker Admin for all things DRRE and I can assist you with getting in touch with any of our agents. I am available to assist with anything DRRE in the event that Elise is busy.  I love the flexibility that real estate provides me so I can operate behind the scenes for all our agents and stay home with my kids at the same time. Real Estate has been a blessing to our family.

I chose to be a realtor because I wanted a little something extra out of life and realty has always been very interesting to me. It is very fulfilling to be a part of someone’s dream coming true. Never gets old.

Fred Richardson

Fred joined Dirt Road Real Estate because he saw his wife having all the fun. Fred’s previous work experience was scheduling multiple people’s work efforts and working as the troubleshooter for those events. So he came VERY well trained for the reality of a Realtor’s work efforts!

Fred recently added to his expertise as he became a licensed Home Inspector. Fred is available to any Dirt Road Agents, but the lack of arm’s length must be acknowledged and accepted. Fred tends to do mostly land transactions as a realtor for this reason. Fred is available for the Western part of Mohave County, Mohave Valley, White Hills, Golden Valley, and Kingman.

Leanne is a 2017 escapee from Indiana, Kingman Golden Valley Association of Realtors (KGVAR) 2018 Rookie of the year and  2021 President of KGVAR, Leanne also sits on the Sheriffs’ Advisory Council.   Leanne quickly learned the areas of Golden Valley, Kingman in town, Kingman north, Dolan Springs, Chloride, White Hills and Yucca. Leanne is your expert in these areas, but a professional in everything she does.  Leanne currently holds the following specialty certificates:  GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute), rCRMS (Certified Risk Management Specialist), Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA),and MRP (Military Relocation Professional).

Living in Golden Valley with her husband and two dogs on two acres, Leanne truly loves the peacefulness of Golden Valley as well as the overall friendliness within Mohave County.  She enjoys reading, writing, and counted cross stitch. Leanne has
published one book, and is working on a second book.


Leanne Smith

Farmer, Contractor, Well Driller, Solar Contractor, Husband, Father and now Realtor – Ralph wears a LOT of hats.  Ralph joined the Dirt Road Team to tend to the needs of those interested in the Wikieup area of Arizona but he is an invaluable guy to have involved any part of your off-grid experience.

Ralph has a very difficult schedule so when you get to spend time with him it is very valuable.  You are sure to learn about any number of different things from Dark Sky to Solar to Well Recovery. Ralph and his family have lived off-grid for more than two decades – he is a walking library of solar, wind and farming information.

Ralph is lucky to have Susan process his real estate documents for him allowing him to have a crazy busy schedule and still get matters attended to in a timely and professional manner.

Greetings! I was born and raised in beautiful New Mexico, lived in California and Nevada, and visited eleven other States. Yet, Arizona is my favorite one! Mohave County has captured my fancy. There is enough geographical diversity here to satisfy all kinds of interests. My husband and I home schooled and raised our two daughters on five Arizona country acres. The amazing sunsets, breathtaking stars, and varied wildlife fed our souls. My passions include family, dogs, and the land. I love to read, write, and dabble in music and photography. My work experiences include retail, medical records clerking, and general transcription.

I’ve enjoyed the business of Real Estate since 2016 and I’m very happy to continue to assist some of my favorite clients and realtors with their efforts in AZ.


 Off Grid Homesteader, Sarah just recently put her entire homestead together – from vacant land to home, well, septic, dog fence, storage buildings, and everything else that you don’t even know needs to be done including getting your mailbox “confirmed”!

Sarah is ready to help you with everything Real Estate related.

I’m truly a Southern California transplant whose heart belongs to the Colorado River and the remote wilderness I live in. I worked in Social/State Services for over 15 years before escaping to Arizona. I love my country, meeting new people, everything racing, everything outdoors, and living COMPLETELY off the grid! Did I mention that I am bilingual and speak Spanish fluently?

Let me help you!!!

Lyndzi has joined Dirt Road to really shine her own light. She is looking forward to helping you find just the right home or piece of property. Her folks and grandparents live rural remote and offgrid so she has a lot to offer those of you who have lots of questions. Lyndzi lives in Kingman as she likes to be where there is a LOT to do. 

Give her a call or shoot her a text – she would love to help you.


We are so happy to have Ann join our team at Dirt Road Real Estate. Ann is a kind thoughtful professional who is looking forward to helping you with what is typically your single largest investment – your new home.

Reach out to Ann for anything in Northern Mohave County, Residential or Land she is ready to help protect you navigate through what can be a complicated process.

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