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At Dirt Road Real Estate we do not operate “teams” as you have had referenced in other real estate firms, we ARE a team – all of us.  If one of us suggests that another team member should be helping you, that means that person feels that they are the expert in that area and they want you to get the very best expert assistance that DRRE can give you.  Because of our expertise we stay very busy so often times to get into our schedule you may need to schedule weeks ahead.  We are typically not able to take “oh by the way” today service because much of what we may want to see/show needs to be mapped, scheduled and planned with the sellers.  Please the moment you have even a tentative schedule reach out and tentatively schedule with us – we’d rather have the time saved IN CASE and have to cancel/postpone than have you show up and not have the time or preparation to properly serve your needs.  Especially if you are a traveler!

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