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Kingman, Hackberry Arizona Large Acreage Communities

Explore Kingman and Hackberry, Arizona's large acreage communities, set against cloudy skies and abundant trees

This is a list of summarized descriptions of six rural communities in Northern Arizona east of Kingman. Each section is linked to a more complete description of each area. Parts of a handful of historic ranches have now been developed into mini-ranches for country living.

Elevation, terrain, and vegetation vary widely in these communities ranging from the open high desert slopes with endless views in Windmill and Cedar Hills to rougher mountain areas dense with juniper and pinion pine to high mountain areas over 6,000 feet with tall ponderosas. Water, crucially important in Arizona, is available, unlike further east where water is too deep to afford to drill. 

Some of the reasons people choose these communities is because they share these features:

  • Private, Quiet and Peaceful
  • Versatile
  • Sustainable lifestyle
  • Mild year-round climate
  • Endless open views
  • Economic advantages for fixed cost living
  • Inexpensive properties

Windmill Ranch, much of it acreage still a working cattle ranch, is located approximately 30 miles east of Kingman. Views here are long and open with mountain views to the east and south. Deer and antelope abound. Parcels range from 5 to 640 acres. View our blog page for more information on Windmill Ranch.

In Yavapai County near the historically significant town of Seligman is Sierra Verde Ranches.  This is a very large POA consisting of mostly 36plus acre ranches with a few smaller acerage parcels mixed in.  Properties in this area are usually offgrid and mostly water haul. Parcels range between 4500ft in elevation up to almost 6000ft.  This is still a working cattle ranch, open range rules so fence off what you do not want the ranchers cattle on.  Properties in this area with a well sell for a premium.  There is a road maintenance agreement and annual dues for that benefit.

Cedar Hills Ranches are located about 20 miles to the northeast of Kingman as you head east on the I 40. The climate is mild year-round at an elevation between 3200 to 4000 feet. Parcel sizes vary greatly here, though most are 10 acres and up. View our blog page for more information on Cedar Hills Ranch.

Spring Valley Ranches is a community about 30 miles north east of Kingman off of Route 66 near the ghost town of Hackberry (at 4500 to 5800 feet) up the slope of the Peacock Mountains to high treed land. View our blog page for more information on Spring Valley Ranches.

Willow Creek Ranch is uphill on I 40 from Cedar Hills (at 4500 to 5800 feet) just after the ecosystem changes from open vegetation to dense juniper and pinion pines. The land changes here, too, hills get steeper, canyons deeper. View our blog page for more information on Willow Creek Ranch.

What is Liberty Land – Well usually these parcels are accessed via non-maintained roads, usually without any additional CC&R’s other than what the County restricts.  Typically there would be no “dues or assessments.” But those are things you should double check during your inspection time, typically ten to 30 days.  We all like to live without additional rules or restrictions but usually we opt for maintained roads.

Willow Creek Ranch, Kingman, Arizona

Escape to Willow Creek Ranch in Kingman, Arizona, where serene landscapes and spacious properties await

Willow Creek Ranch is a unique, water rich area in Northern Arizona. The community has been a part of a large working cattle ranch for many years. The 24,000-acre ranch was split up into about 320 36-acre parcels in 1997.  An adjacent 15,000plus acres was add to the ranch allotment making the Willow Creek cattle ranch area approximately 40,000 acres of working cattle ranch.  There are more than 7 springs on the allotment most are reserved for the ranchers water use.  The Willow Creek Ranch was once owned by an Imus, but it was not Don Imus. The Willow Creek ranch area is mentioned in many books written about the settling of the Arizona territories. Sometimes it is referred to as the Willows Ranch.


Willow Creek Ranch lies halfway between Kingman and Seligman Arizona (35 miles from each) north and south of Interstate 40 at 5,000 to about 5,800 feet elevation. The elevation creates an ideal, mild year-round climate, cooler than Kingman and the deserts to the west and south and warmer than snowy Flagstaff at nearly 7,000 feet to the east. Elevation is one of the secrets that makes Willow Creek Ranch a great place to live — retire, homestead, be self-sufficient, vacation, hunt, ride horses or ATV’s for all or part of the year!

The parcel size, the rugged topography, and the fact that the area is heavily treed with juniper, pinon pine and scrub oak add to the feeling of seclusion. The land is hilly and rough with streams and canyons and incredible hilltop vistas; perfect for exploring on foot, ATV or by horseback.

The Property Owner’s Association’s sole purpose is to maintain the 72+ miles of dirt roads, and maintains a website for communicating with their members.  https://www.willowckranchpoa.com/

Homes at Willow Creek Ranch are varied, from mobiles and modular to custom site-built homes.  There is even a straw-bale home on the ranch.  The fertile soil provides great gardens and wildlife abounds.  Solar systems are now very affordable for these homes where there is no grid-tied power available.  A few properties nearer to the freeway have grid power but most properties are off grid.  Water is typically found from at a drilling depth of 350 to 550 feet in this area.

Willow Creek is a great kick off spot for day trips to a multitude of Arizona attractions. From the Ranch you can take off to the Grand Canyon for hiking, rafting or just admiring. Lake Powell, Seligman (for Route 66 memorabilia, old cars and ice cream), Oatman (the old mining town where they hold shootouts in the main street and burros roam free), Sedona’s Red Rocks, the Grand Canyon Caverns (where you can sleep in the cavern itself), Prescott, and Flagstaff are all easy day trips as well.

Windmill Ranches, Kingman, Arizona

Windmill Ranch3 db49ee

Windmill Ranches is still a working cattle ranch, previously known as the Fancher ranch when the travel from Phoenix to Kingman was done by horse or stage coach. The community is located approximately 30 miles east of Kingman. It is told that in the 1800’s this area was a picnic spot for people travelling between Kingman and Phoenix. At 3,000 to 4,500 feet elevation, the hills slope upward to the east with grasses, palo christi trees and high-desert cactus and shrubs giving way to juniper and pinion on the higher east slopes. The POA (Property Owner’s Association) exists to maintain the roads and charges just over $5 a year per acre. Their website which they maintain to communicate with their property owners is http://www.windmillranch.org/

Windmill is a rare ranch community which allows commercial development in the parcels fronting Highway 93.  Horses and cattle are allowed in “reasonable number” but no pigs.  Water has been found by most property owners who have drilled for it.  Some parcels here can be divided but the minimum size is 5 acres.  Properties closest to Hwy 93 can connect to the utility provided power grid, others are off grid with generators or solar.  Views here are long and open with mountains to the east and south.  Deer, Elk and Javelina abound with occasional sightings of Mountain Lion or Bobcats.


The City of Kingman is a great hub for day trips — the pine-forested Hualapai Mountain Park, the Grand Canyon, historic Route 66, Oatman (where they hold shootouts and burros roam the streets), Wikenburg has team roping nearly every day, Prescott has tons of history and Flagstaff has all the shopping you can stand.  Kingman is also an easy commute to the casinos of Las Vegas and Laughlin.


Cedar Hills Ranch Community, Kingman, Arizona

Discover the allure of Cedar Hills Ranch Community in Kingman, Arizona. Enjoy the serenity of rural living amidst stunning natural landscapes

Cedar Hills Ranch is located about 20 miles to the northeast, uphill from Kingman. There are many wells in the area.

The rolling hills have light, varied high-desert vegetation. The climate at Cedar Hills Ranch is mild year-round at an elevation between 3200 to 4000 feet. There is no Property Owner’s Association fee; roads are maintained by the developer. Horses and cattle are welcome here. Many properties in Cedar Hills close to I-40 have access to phone and grid-tied electricity, though many owners have installed solar. Wildlife is plentiful and includes deer, antelope, javalina, and the occasional elk.

Abundant water in this dry region of the Southwest attracted ranching, road building, and the railroad.  Ranching continues today.

Parcels of land range from 36 acres at $32,500 to 118 acres at $150,000. Parcels with homes range from a $55,000 fixer-upper on 36 acres to a 17 acre parcel with a home for $106,000 to an incredible 160 acre (own your own mountain) 5 bedroom for $900,000.

  • Close to the town of Kingman
  • Privacy and Quiet
  • Sustainable off-grid lifestyles
  • Mild year-round climate
  • Long, open, endless views
  • Affordable land and homes

You can get to so many places in a day trip from Cedar Hills, very close to home is the Hualapai Mountain Park, it’s also easy to reach the eclectic Route 66 towns of Hackberry and Seligman, the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon Caverns and much more!  A short drive to Vegas, Flagstaff or Prescott makes this a very easy hopping off space for tons of adventures.

Spring Valley Ranches, Hackberry Arizona

Experience the beauty of Spring Valley Ranches in Hackberry, Arizona. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of rural living surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery

Spring Valley Ranches encompasses 7500 acres of working cattle ranch land, with properties ranging from 4100 to 4800 feet, giving it cooler temperatures than the lower regions. Terrain here varies from steep and mountainous to gentle rolling hills and a few mostly flat parcels. Wells are common! Some homes have grid-tied electric but many are energy self-sufficient. Parcel size varies greatly. These properties afford privacy, miles of hiking and horse trails, mild year-round climate and incredible views.

  • Privacy, Peace & Quiet
  • Versatility
  • Horses and other livestock are welcome
  • The climate is mild
  • Views are incredible
  • Wildlife is abundant
  • Be close to nature

Abundant water in this part of Arizona (unlike much of the rest of the state) attracted ranching, road building, and the railroad.  The original site of Hackberry the town exists on Spring Valley Ranches.  When the railroad came in along Route 66 the town decided they were missing out and they relocated close to the railroad tracks.  The seven stone buildings and the hand dug well can still be found with permission from the current owner.  When I-40 bypassed the town of Hackberry in the mid 20’s the town and most of the gas stations along Route 66 became ghost town like.  Some are currently cute tourist memorabilia stops along romantic Route 66. The current rancher runs mostly black angus on the open area’s in and around spring Valley Ranches but seeing roping steers and mixed cattle isn’t unusual either. Drive careful in the dark as the black angus are hard to spot and very expensive to hit.

Pricing in 2019 and 2020 in this area has varied between $25k up to the mid $60k’s for 7 to 40ac parcels within the Spring Valley Ranches and although there have been relatively few homes sold int his time the pricing has ranged between $200k and $400k for a mid of stick-built homes and manufactured homes on large acreage.

The Ghost Town of Hackberry with its own post office is a just short drive away and a great place for Route 66 Memorabilia.   For serious shopping the City of Kingman is about 30 easy miles away.  Spring Valley is a great take off point for world famous attractions, including the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Caverns, Lake Mead, the hourly street shootouts of Oatman, and nearby Hualapai Mountain Park. Flagstaff and Vegas are about 2 hours away and Prescott about 2 ½ hours away.

Sierra Verde Ranch, Arizona

Windmill Ranch3 db49ee

Sierra Verde is the largest of the organized subdivided ranches.  There are a few well maintained roads and there are roads within SVR that look like they haven’t seen a maintenance vehicle in years.  This could be just because of the huge number of miles of roadway to keep up on.  There is a website and a handful of Facebook pages to learn about Sierra Verde Ranches – BUT being so large you may want to just focus in your small ten square mile area of concern.  Stop and talk to the locals in your immediate area of interest – they will tell you stories!  Remember some of it will be stories, having only a small element of fact to it.  There is no guaranteed “free” water in SVR, but currently it does seem that you are allowed a certain amount “free,” there doesn’t seem to be anything within their governing documents that assures that practice will continue.

Sierra Verde Ranches are a mix of 4,700’ in elevation up to 6,000’, some is flat and grass land like, others is steep, clay or rocky – in SVR there is certainly something for everyone.  SVR is still a working cattle ranch – so fence out if you don’t welcome the cattle in your yard, on your deck or in your haybarn!  Sierra Verde Ranch is generally located south of Seligman and west of Seligman. 


Liberty Land, Arizona

Discover the allure of Cedar Hills Ranch Community in Kingman, Arizona. Enjoy the serenity of rural living amidst stunning natural landscapes

Liberty land is not located within a POA or an HOA – and because of this, generally the roads accessing Liberty Land are non-maintained roads.  These parcels are generally in out of the way places where developers didn’t scoop up the large parcels and develop them into small micro communities.  Although Liberty Land does not have additional CC&R’s and POA/HOA restrictions the properties will still be governed somewhat by County ordinances.  There may be building restrictions/codes etc. that you need to be mindful of before you begin developing your property.

Liberty Land has it positives and negatives – these are areas that you need to be a bit more concerned for legal access of your property.  These are also area’s that you will want to speak to the neighbors to see what kind of other things surround you.  Remember some neighbors will definitely tell you the boogieman stories so that they scare you off – they may not want additional neighbors! 

Pine Lake, a high, cool mountain community at about 6000 feet is located in the Hualapai mountains southeast of Kingman. This community is made up primarily of cabins used for summer mountain retreats. Best Buys in Pine Lake October, 2014 in Lots and Homes.

These parcels afford privacy, miles of hiking trails, ATV and horse trails (though horses and poultry are not allowed), a mild year-round climate and incredible views. Pine Lake is nearby as is the Pine Lake Lodge, for that great Sunday morning buffet. The cabins here are all site-built, single family dwellings. Lot sizes vary from fairly small to over an acre and cannot be split. The terrain is steep and mountainous. Residents frequently spot bear, elk, mule deer, and mountain lion. Most properties have wells!


  • Vacation homes are much cheaper than Prescott and Flagstaff.
  • Mild year-round climate
  • Incredible views
  • Wildlife is abundant.
  • Fresh air
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Kicking back

Acre parcels average 60 to 65K.  Properties with homes range from a simple 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on at $134,900 on .31 acre to a spacious 5 bedroom family compound with 3 different living spaces on a double lot for $250,000.

Kingman Arizona near, handy for medical care, entertainment and shopping.  Pine Lake is a great beginning point for a multitude of attractions, including the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Caverns, Lake Mead, the street shootouts in the historic Oatman, and eclectic stops along historic Route 66 like Hackberry and Seligman. 

Pine Lake – High Mountain Community, Kingman, Arizona

Explore the Sierra Verde Ranch area, offering a serene escape in the heart of nature

Pinion Pines Estates, Kingman, Arizona

Pinion f32f4d

Pinion Pines Estates, a community at about 5000 feet is located in the Hualapai Foothills southeast of Kingman. This vacation retreat spot is cooler and has trees, unlike Kingman. October, 2014 Best Buys in Land and Homes in Pinion Pines Estates.


Pinion Pines Estates is a community of 7500 acres, with properties ranging in elevation from 5000 to 5500 feet, giving it a real mountain feel.  The terrain is steep and mountainous.  Wells are common here!  Many of these homes have grid-tied electric and many are energy self sufficient.  Most properties are about an acre.

These parcels afford privacy, miles of hiking, ATV and horse trails, a mild year-round climate and incredible views.  Residents frequently spot bear, elk, mule deer, mountain lion, and javalina.

  •   Elbow room
  •  Versatility
  •  Mild year-round climate
  •  Incredible Views
  • Abundant wildlife
  •  Recreation

parcels of land are priced consistently at about $50,000.  Properties with homes range from 3 bedrooms at between $170,oo0  to a spacious 3 bedroom cabin for $275,000.  Recently a grogeous A-Frame on 3.5 acres was priced at $350,000.

The City of Kingman is very close, handy for medical care, entertainment and shopping.  The area is a great take off point for a multitude of attractions, including the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Caverns, Lake Mead, the hourly street shootouts of the Ghost Town of Oatman, and eclectic stops along historic Route 66 like Hackberry and Seligman.